Pricing Details


Description of Services: This includes capturing still photos of the interior and exterior of every room and living area, aiming to present the space as spacious and visually appealing as possible. Outdoor areas and various angles showcasing the entire structure will also be photographed.

Amenities: Shooting amenities or common areas within close proximity to the listing (up to 12 images) is included at no additional cost. However, off-site image requests will incur extra charges.

Image Count: The number of images will vary based on the property size. Our goal is to convey the complete story through pictures. However, larger properties with acreage or additional buildings may require more images. In such cases, the pricing will be adjusted to account for the extra time needed for shooting and editing. Image

Approvals: You will have the opportunity to review the unedited images during or after the shoot. This is the time to ensure that all areas and rooms have been photographed or request additional pictures or angles. Please review the images carefully before leaving the property!

Editing: All images will be delivered with a basic edit included at no extra cost. However, specific editing requests, such as fixing broken or fogged windows, replacing missing cabinet doors or fixtures, removing tangled cords, virtual staging, etc., will be quoted and invoiced separately.

Delivery of Images: The usual turnaround time is the afternoon of the next business day from Monday to Friday. If a shoot takes place on a Friday, the delivery will be made on the following Monday. Some larger listings may require an additional day of editing before delivery. Delivery of images can be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, such as power outages, internet failures, equipment malfunctions, etc. We are available on weekends, but surcharges will apply for shooting and editing on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. You will receive one or more download links via email, providing options to download the original high-resolution files and/or resized low-resolution images suitable for the web. The standard size for web usage is typically 1920 x 1280 @72 dpi, but please let us know if you require a different file size that is not listed in the drop-down menu in the gallery.

Travel Expenses: There is no charge for travel to most areas in San Diego County. However, some outlying areas such as Carlsbad, Ramona, Temecula, Alpine, San Marcos, Vista, Julian, etc., will incur a travel fee. This fee can be determined at the time of booking. Interior/Exterior


Description of Services: This includes professionally edited video footage of the interior and exterior, showcasing the home from various angles. Additional charges may apply for using stock footage, which will vary depending on the specific footage required. An accurate estimate can be provided once we have the details of your project.

Revisions: The pricing mentioned above includes one round of minor revisions/corrections. Any additional revisions will be subject to extra charges. For any video-related project, there is a minimum editing charge of $75.

Agent Interviews and Testimonials: These are quoted separately. Stock Images and Stock Video: These are also quoted separately.

  • DRONE (stills)

Description of Services: This includes a series of images taken from low, medium, and high altitudes, capturing the property and its surroundings.

FAA Requirements: Drone images and video can only be captured in compliance with CFR Part 107, which restricts commercial drone activity in certain areas, such as near airports or restricted airspace.

  • DRONE (video)

Description of Services: This includes a series of images and video footage taken from low altitudes, highlighting the property, as well as a high altitude series focusing on the surrounding area and views. Additional charges may apply for using stock footage, which will vary depending on the specific footage required. An accurate estimate can be provided once we have the details of your project.


Description of Services: 3-D tours using either the Matterport or Zillow camera systems are available. It is usually most efficient and convenient to schedule the 3-D session immediately after the still photo session. The turnaround time is 1-2 business days. The listing must be fully prepared, and it's helpful if the unit is unoccupied during the scanning session. A 4000 square foot home will take approximately 90-120 minutes to complete. Matterport tours remain online only for the duration of the listing. Additional hosting fees will be charged for long-term hosting of 3D Matterport tours.


Description of Services: This includes approximately 12 images that primarily focus on the key architectural features of the home, such as lighting fixtures, tile work, appliances, woodwork, plumbing fixtures, flooring, etc. You are welcome to specify the features you would like to have highlighted.

  • Satisfaction Statement

Our goal is to provide digital content for your real estate listings that fully satisfies you. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, we will make every reasonable effort to rectify the situation promptly.

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